~ $SOUL (eosio token standard)

Total Supply

10,000,000 tokens

Distribution Method

  • 85% GamePlay Distribution

  • 5% Marketing

  • 5.01% Ecosystem Boost

  • 4.99% Team Tokens

Use Case of $SPIRIT

  • Used to Upgrade the beast.

  • Used to buy New Beast skins in the shop.

  • Use in Magic Door to spin

  • Use in Boss Fight

  • Use in Arena

  • Use in Raffle

Claiming Method

The distribution of gameplay rewards depends on a player's activity, their beast level, and their rank on the Global Leaderboard. The main Leaderboard resets daily at 3 AM UTC, giving players a chance to reach the top again. Players can claim their $SOUL reward at any time from the Leaderboard, and unclaimed rewards will accumulate over time.

Special Leaderboards will have specific claim times, which will be stated on the event medium page and in Discord announcements. Additionally, the game will adhere to (GMT+8) as its time zone for announcements.

Token Vesting Schedule

Distribution% AllocationVesting

Gameplay Distribution


0% @TGE and linear vesting over next 425 Days [Max cap = 20,000 per day]



5% @TGE and linear vesting over next 400 Days

Ecosystem Boost


0% @TGE and linear vesting over next 500 Days

Team Tokens


0% @TGE then 2 months cliff and linear vesting over next 500 Days

Anyone can create their own unique link and invite friends to join Magic Beast, a free-to-play game. As a bonus, they will receive a FREE BEAST . The person sending the invitation can also earn an additional reward, equivalent to 1% of the total $SPIRIT spent by the friend they invited. Following a successful invitation, the reward will be automatically transferred to the in-game wallet and reflected in the Game contract Tables.

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