Star Upgrade


Star Upgrades are essential to the gameplay as they let players give their animals more power and improve their rank and star upgrades. With the use of in-game items like $SPIRIT and $SOUL, gamers may now significantly increase the capabilities of their animals. Through the judicious use of these resources, players may enhance their creatures' overall strength and move up the ranks, resulting in a lucrative and dynamic progression system. The Star Upgrade function gives players a strategic way to improve their creatures and advance through the game's stages of success, adding depth to the action. Max Star Boost are = (30% + 60% + 120% + 240% + 480%) = 930%

there is a max limit of star upgrade that 5 stars

Below is the table to show the % Boost by star upgrades -

Star NumberStar Boost

1 Star


2 Star


3 Star


4 Star


5 Star


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