Outworld is an integral part of the Magic Beast gameplay mechanics, providing a platform for players to interact with various ecosystem projects. This fosters a sense of connectivity among players within different ecosystems, uniting them under a single gameplay mechanism. It serves as a space where players can stake their unused NFTs, contributing to the daily leaderboard and earning $SPIRIT rewards allocated for the collection.

Moreover, as a key addition, based on the proof of ownership of partnered collections, players will be rewarded within the Magic Beast game. This incentive aligns with our commitment to recognizing and rewarding players who contribute to the ecosystem's growth and engagement. The integration of proof of ownership further enhances the collaborative spirit among players, creating a more inclusive and rewarding gaming experience.

All the ecosystem NFTs will always remain in the Users wallets Magic beasts contract wont act as a custodian / transfer any NFTs in its custody. #SAFU


At Launch of the Magic beast game we will be adding few Top and Well known Collections with the largest community base and as soon as more collections Qualify for the listing on community demands they will be added to the collections tab and players can stake their NFTs and Earn $SPIRIT rewards based on the Type of NFT staked ...

Rewards Distribution

The Rewards of $SPIRIT will be claimable on the daily basis and leaderboard will reset every 3 AM UTC. Users can claim their rewards anytime they wanted after distribution unclaimed rewards will be still claimable and will be accumulated over time.

Terms & Conditions' @outworld

The Magic Beast team reserves the right to approve, reject, and delist any collection in the future based on performance and community suggestions. Please note that this should not be considered as financial advice from the Magic Beast team.

The addition and removal of collections are solely at the discretion of the team and should not be construed as financial advice. We do not endorse the buying or selling of any third-party collections, and any losses incurred through such activities are not affiliated with the Magic Beast team or the game.

In the event of failure or any illicit activity conducted by a listed collection, it is not associated with the Magic Beast game or team. We list collections based on community suggestions and the activity of the specific collection. Magic Beast does not provide trading advice, and Outworld aims to boost ecosystem projects and engage players within the ecosystem. Additional terms may apply.

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