🏹Beast Battles


In the Magic Beast game, players engage in Beast Battles using Battle Beasts a Transferable and tradeable set of beast that will empower the SOUL Bound Main Beast to destroy other players Beasts in the Battles, that acts as the main battleground. The action takes place in this center core, where players may enjoy an immersive experience while carefully attacking and defending against one other's powerful Beasts. Players deliberately use magic potions and equipment in this dynamic environment to increase their chances of winning the ongoing battles.

Additionally, the leaderboard, which offers special awards in both $WAX, $SPIRIT and $SOUL for top spots, serves to heighten the spirit of competition. This creates a sense of community and camaraderie among those fighting for the coveted top slots, further inspiring players to pursue greatness. The prizes, which represent the accomplishments and commitment of players who stand out in the difficult Battle combat, provide even more excitement. Along side this players can host private matches , League matches and Other events in-game.

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