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Magic Beast is a Web3.0 game based on blockchain technology, with three key tenets - decentralization, gaming, and Gamers. Players in this richly detailed universe has the exceptional power to raise and train endearing Beasts that accompany them everywhere they go and bring in endless $SOUL rewards.

Through cooperative connections with diverse groups, Magic Beast acts as a unifying force, tying together experiences and Web3 gaming. By utilizing the revolutionary potential of blockchain gaming technology, it creates a social base-layer that enables players to engage more deeply with the worldwide digital community. Moreover, Magic Beast gives your NFTs life, letting you create captivating story lines with emergent gaming experiences.

Magic Beast is made for gamers and created by gamers.

Gameplay Mechanics

Train, evolve, and battle with unique Beasts. Explore the arena, conquer Boss Fights, and immerse yourself in the mysterious Outworld. Collect $SOUL and $SPIRIT, craft with Magic Potions, and unlock surprises through the Magic Door. Join raffles for exclusive rewards with strategic, immersive, and rewarding Gameplay mechanics.

  • Magic Door

  • Raffles

  • Arena

  • Boss Fights

  • Outworld

Magic Beasts AIM

Our mission is to develop a game where players can train charming beasts that will yield limitless $SOUL and $SPIRIT rewards, unlocking these animals' utmost potential. In addition to the intriguing inclusion of Magic Potions, Magic Kits, and Crystals for in-game crafting, the game boasts a robust ecosystem with Magic Door, Outworld, raffle, Boss Fight, and arena!

To reduce the entry barrier in the Magic Beast Gaming ecosystem, we're offering it for free, allowing users to play the complete game without any cost. As part of this initiative, each player receives a Free Beast at the beginning of the game to further enhance the overall gaming experience.

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