๐Ÿ“‘Disclaimer: Magic Beast Game

Before engaging in any transactions involving tokens from Magic Beast game, it is essential to carefully consider the following information:

Magic beast game assets and tokens are not financial assets. rather, they are tokens designed exclusively for in-game use. Similar to other games, certain players may opt to acquire game items and tokens to enhance their gaming experience. While these items and utility tokens may be subject to value fluctuations based on external market forces, speculation is not their primary purpose. Their primary focus is intended for utility within the game environment and nothing more.

Magic beast tokens are utility tokens with specific use cases, devoid of investment characteristics, promises of dividends, guarantees of appreciation, or any form of financial gains. Magic beast, as a whole, is dedicated to providing an enjoyable gaming and leisure experience. Any connection users establish between the game and business (beyond entertainment) is beyond our scope and responsibilities. The purchase of assets is an entertainment-related function, driven by individuals attributing value to activities that provide them enjoyment and utilityโ€”a subjective matter within the realm of economic theory.

Risk Disclaimer:

$SOUL token, the native utility token for Magic beast, is NOT an investment. It is earned through active participation and in-game interactions within the Magic beast ecosystem, serving as a reward to users for their engagement within that specific environment. As an entertainment-driven reward mechanism, $SOUL does not constitute an investment, and users are encouraged to approach its acquisition with an understanding of its purpose within the Magic Beast game on the Wax Blockchain.

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